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Why DontMissUK?

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Film, Opinion, Review, TV, Uncategorized
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So I am a Sky Plus user… for me that means that I rarely (pretty much never) watch live TV anymore. This means that I am constantly missing the start of new series, or rely on others to tell me, or hope I spot an advert while I am fast forwarding at x30 on my sky box.

So I decide that something needed to change… so I set up a Twitter account to help other people in the same predicament as me. I would try and see when new shows were starting, what is hot, what not to miss – that sort of thing, and Tweet anyone who is interested. It is a win, win, I keep on top of things by constantly researching, and I help anyone else out there who like to avoid adverts but hate to miss the start of something good.

Why stop there? I thought. I also go to the cinema once a week, and always like to give my rating and sometimes a review on Flixster, so why not use this blog site and my Twitter account to pass those on too?

If you think any of the above could be something that interests you, then follow me, and see what I have to say. If not then, don’t!

Thanks for reading….