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ImageRun time: 2 hr. 3 min
Directed By: Richard Curtis
Written By:
Genres: Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Comedy

Cast includes: Domhnall GleesonRachel McAdamsBill NighyLydia Wilson

It’s “about time” they made a new Brit flick, one that pulls in some of the great actors our country has to offer, provides humour and warmth, sadness and love, an emotional journey to a familiar location, with some unexpected stops along the way.

So what makes this movie different? Well for one, Hugh Grant is nowhere to be seen. OK they replace him with a charming British counterpart, who when narrating sounds very much like him, but aside from that there is not even a sniff of Hugh.

What else makes this movie different is the element of fantasy – something a little bit out there for a Brit flick like this. Perhaps this is why they avoided casting Hugh – I mean can you imagine Hugh bumbling around time travelling? I am sure maybe he has imagined it in his own lifetime, perhaps he would choose to go back to “that” moment with “that” woman…..

So about that time travelling bit… it is the essence of the film, the bread and butter of what it is about, but it seemed the writers chose to keep this simple… Yeah son, you can time travel, all the men in our family can, now you’re 21 it is appropriate to tell you… How? Oh that’s easy find a darkish place and clench your fists. That’s it. Initially this felt like we were being a little cheated as the audience… I mean I realise that the whole concept is a little far fetched, but at least try and make us feel like you WANT us to believe it.

Did this ruin the experience? Absolutely not! An hour further in and I get it, why spend too much time on the detail when you are creating such a beautiful story? The focus should never be about how this happens, you should immerse yourself in the value of the movie, you should let yourself walk away a better person having watched this movie, you should let yourself go, let your thoughts go and think about what it is trying to teach you.

After a very happy childhood being brought up by the sea in Cornwall with his sister Kit Kat (Lydia Wilson) Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) is given the news  by his father (Bill Nighy) about his ability to time travel. After being initially dubious Tim decides he will only use his ability for love. Of course there are rules, which his father spells out to him… you can only go back to places and times where you were, quote “You can’t go back and kill Hitler or anything”… you can’t change too much, but aside from that everything seems fair game.

From here on out Tim sets out on his mission for love, surprisingly finding it for himself quickly by meeting Mary (Rachel McAdams). This meeting, and subsequent “un”meeting early on, makes you pretty convinced that this is the story, Tim blundering through a series of  meetings and “un”meetings, trying to pin down the moment he can bag this relationship once and for all. But it is much more than that.

His journey about love becomes much more than you expect, as love, much like in real life, comes in different forms, your personal happiness can be affected by the love from more than just one person in your life, and their personal happiness can become just as important as your own.

Nighy is wonderful, Gleeson is charming, McAdams gracious and Wilson is the chic eccentric that no Brit flick would be complete without. Richard Curtis does it again, but takes it up a notch.

If you are unsure, wait until a Sunday, pop this film on, and see what happens… I think that if you don’t feel anything at all, or it doesn’t provoke at least one thought about your own life, and how you should live it, then you should just follow it up with a mindless zombie movie to accommodate your swinging brick of a heart.

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